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A showing of the Bob Blue video was given at Wellesley High School at 2pm on April 11, 1999 along with a concert of some of his songs. His music has also been performed at NEFFA.

Bob Blue is a songwriter and semi-retired schoolteacher. When he was a full-time teacher in Wellesley, Mass., he wrote several musicals which were performed by the children in his classes. Since his retirement, he has moved to Amherst, Mass., where he volunteers at a local school. He has also been writing articles on children for the Wellesley Townsman, which have been published on a weekly basis.

This web site will eventually have more biographical information about Bob; in the mean time, I'm sure you'll enjoy this article about Bob, written by his friend (and fellow singer/songwriter) Phil Hoose.

Bob has two tapes featuring his songs, sung by himself, other adults, and oftentimes children: Starting Small and Their Way and a songbook, which includes songs such as The Eensy-Weensy Spider and Courage, as well as poetry.

There are also three books, Parents, Teachers, Children Volumes 1, 2, and 3, each with two hundred of his articles.

There is a video now available about Bob and his use of music with children.

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